Katherine’s Odyssey in the Journalism Industry

Katherine White is a Chico State alumni who has worked in the journalism industry for 10 years as an editor, reporter, and digital content producer.

Katherine White is an editor whose past job experiences have given her the opportunity to work for the Contractors State License Board. White developed an interest in journalism while attending high school before she would go onto become a Chico State graduate who has worked in television and the newspaper industries.

White’s specialties include AP style, copy editing, social media management, intermediate website design, and iNews. Her current job requires attention to appropriate language being used when necessary, and having limited jargin in exam question and answers.

While in high school, White stated how she has enjoyed writing most of her life and she knew journalism would be a good fit for her before attending Chico State. During her college years White said to have enjoyed copy editing and had the skills to excel; though she had to become a reporter before she could become an editor.

White made various connections through her time networking during the internships she did at the Chico Enterprise-Record and the Oakland Tribune which led her to her first full-time job after graduating college.

“Applying everywhere you are willing to work,” White said about finding a job after college. She stated how working in small-town newspapers and television stations gave her valuable experience and various lifelong skills as long as you're willing to move to and embrace the new area.

In 2013 White wrote her favorite piece to date, speaking to a local couple about their experiences before the U.S. Supreme Court hearing on same-sex marriage.

White worked in editing for both a newspaper and at a television news station during the same time before moving on to work for the state. White says the biggest changes in the three different fields are, while working in television, there was more focus on the on-air product which results in more editing for their web story. White continues to say that since working for the state, she has been able to really fine tune her editing style.

One other job aspect that has changed for White is the new found flexibility in editing exams, “While I still have deadlines for editing exams, they are more flexible than when I was working in news.”

White doesn't have a typical day anymore either working forthe government. She used to have only news of the day and now has she works editing exam items, procedure manuals, correspondence for managers, among various other works depending on the day.

White credits the field of journalism being in a currently demanding job state. Her life after college became increasingly difficult to balance; especially after getting married and having kids, though the government position has been more accommodating in the work-life balance.

White stated how she was surprised to discover that her editing experience in the journalism industry was not only limited to her only working at media outlets. “I like that I am able to apply my skills to a government job and serve the greater public,” White said.

Katherine White alongside her husband Barry White.

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